Autumn Is The Ideal Time To Have Ice Cream In Malta, And These 14 Parlours Are Your Best Start

The cheekiest snacks are always the most delicious

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Contrary to popular belief, autumn in Malta is actually the ideal time to sneak in a cheeky ice cream. The frequent sunny and warm bouts are enough to justify your decision, while the lack of weekly heatwaves will guarantee your ice cream doesn't melt in a couple of seconds. 

If you've been suddenly gripped with an ice cream craving but don't know where to start, consider these 14 parlours. While most of the country's favourites are situated around Buġibba and Sliema, you'd be surprised where your next favourite will be hiding.

Northern Malta

1. Sottozero - Buġibba

The guys at Sottozero don't call their ice cream haven a parlour, but a gelato factory. And judging by the flavours on offer and the great deal of fame this corner shop has gained online and beyond, you can really understand why.

2. Ke-Gusto - Buġibba

100% natural, lactose-free, gluten-free ice cream in over 100 toppings, including a winter collection with waffles and crepes? It's like Ke-Gusto were reading our minds.

3. Cream & Co - Buġibba

While these guys do not shy away from advertising their mean crêpes, their ice creams are just as delicious. Classic homemade goodness, along with more exotic options like Papaya, Graviola, Acai and Acerola, this Buġibba parlour also offers sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, fat-free and vegan ice creams. In other words, the only issue you're going to have is choosing just a couple of flavours.

4. Fior Di Latte - Mdina

Homemade sorbets and artisanal ice cream are the order of the day in this silent city store. And that's not even mentioning the fabulous medieval buildings Fior Di Latte and its surroundings are housed in. 

Central Malta

5. Amorino - Valletta

Home of beautiful, rose-shaped ice cream cones and exquisite macaroons, this one's an essential stop if you're in Malta's capital. 

6. Gelato Dal Doge - Valletta

A relatively newcomer, Dal Doge opened its doors for a Maltese branch opposite Valletta's Castille less than a year ago. Since then, it's amassed an impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating on Facebook, and a legion of followers. 

7. Pjazza Gelateria - Sliema

This place shot to fame as soon as business started earlier last year, and with flavours like Ħobż tal-Malti and Imqaret, the reason behind PG's popularity is really a no-brainer.

8. La Gelateria Lungomare - Sliema

One of the most popular ice cream parlours in Malta, Lungomare has been open since 1st June 1987. With over 50 flavours, the interior's rainbow decoration is definitely echoed in its mouthwatering counter. 

9. RivaReno - St. Julian's

This parlour's mission statement quotes "a constant quest worldwide for natural ingredients exhibiting freshness, purity, intense flavours and overall very high quality", so you know it's going to be good. RivaReno has been open for just over four years now, and in that time, they've established themselves as one of the go-to places for gelato in St. Julian's. A perfect combination of decadence and class.

Southern Malta

10. Ice & More - Marsaskala

Sure; the "& more" refers to anything from cakes to juices, but do not gloss over the ice cream part. This seaside parlour has gathered a perfect 5 star rating on Facebook, and if first-hand reviews aren't enough to sway you into trying Ice & More, check out some of their #IceCreamPorn

11. Dolce Latte - Marsaskala

Another southern gem, Dolce Latte's clientele is as faithful as they get. Some online reviews include people driving from Dingli to Marsaskala just for their ice cream, and to be very honest, you can't really blame them.

12. Ta' Skutu Dolceria - Qrendi

If you're looking for something different and authentic, we've found just the place. This dolceria serves up homemade ice creams and granita and has been doing so for decades, so you just know it's going to be something very unique. Just look for the green door in Qrendi's narrow roads.


13. BonBon - Victoria

Gozo might be way smaller than the already tiny Malta, but being in a central location still helps. Situated right in the heart of the capital, Bon Bon serve up some amazing milkshakes, but it's their artisanal ice creams that's the talk of the town.

14. Gelateria Granola - Xlendi

This little piece of ice cream heaven is not just the most popular parlour in Gozo. It also happens to be a must-stop of every Maltese person who finds themselves on the sister isle. Even a simple ice cream cone has to be taken up to 11 here.

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