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Build The Burgers Of Your Dreams For One Night Only At This Gżira Bistro

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They’re the same guys who brought us all-you-can-eat waffles on the weekends, the newest eatery in Gżira that finally delivered authentic corndogs to Malta and now they’re about to treat those of us left in Malta for Santa Marija week with a build-your-own-burger fiesta with a twist.

Santa Cruz are offering up unlimited everything, elevated with a bowl of cheese to dunk that bad boy in

The burgers will be slightly smaller than usual, at 120g a pop, but don’t let that shy you away because it is legit all you can eat homemade beef patty heaven. For only €18 you can customise your burgers with any of their available toppings and dunk the shit out of them in as many bowls of cheese as you can stomach.

If you’re one of the few members of Malta’s own Left Behind Club and haven’t made the assumption to Gozo this week, you’d better make sure you’ve got a table booked at Santa Cruz Bistro and Tapas for Friday. They’re open until 11pm and bookings are taken until 10pm. 

How many burgers do you think you could wolf down? Tell us below and tag a friend you think could top your effort.

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