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Burger King Malta Launches Plant-Based Nuggets

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One of Malta’s most popular fast-food chains has just rolled out a new plant-based option – and people are already reacting in a big way.

Burger King Malta has just announced its first plant-based nuggets, after years of people calling for more alternative options.

“The wait is over!!! Burger King’s Plant-Based Nuggets are here,” the chain announced excitedly on social media.

Mixed comments flooded social media after the big announcement, with some people loving it while other people had serious comments.

Some people were quite hyped and excited, with comments like: “I’m never complaining again,” and “Well done BK” as well as one person saying “it is a win for all those who care for the animals”.

Other people raised concerns over what the vegetarian nuggets are made of, with comments like “are they frying in separate frying?” in reference to the oil used to cook the nuggets.

Some were concerned over why the options are only soya-based, suggesting that it’s “a pity that they are soy-based was hoping they’d avoid another soya-based item. They used to have the bean whatever it was called burger which got replaced by the plant-based burger which happens to be soy-based as well”.

With the new alternative nuggets just released today, you can bet Malta will be posting reviews and comments over the next few days, letting us all know how they feel about it.

Are you excited to try the new nuggets?

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