Camel Milk Is Available In Malta And Life Will Never Be The Same Again

If you make cheese with it, is the cheese called camelbert?

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In 2018, there are tons of alternatives to cow's milk. For ethical reasons, people are turning to things like hemp milk, soy milk, and coconut milk.

But one new milk laughs in the face of all of this and says: "who needs cows when you have two water humps on your back and can make some seriously funky ass milk exist all while chilling in Nairobi?"

And that milk, is camel's milk.

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Pictured: Camellicious Camel's Milk, available at PAMA, Mosta // Photo: Ashleen Micallef

Forget soya - add a touch of camel milk to your morning for some serious get-up-and-go

Camel's milk, which is widely drunk among nomad and Bedouin groups, is known to be highly nutritional, with nomads giving it to babies who are suffering from malnutrition.

The milk has more protein and better fat than cow's milk, and less cholesterol as well, making it a healthier choice than cow's or goat's milk. You can also make some tasty dishes with camel's milk, like these 10-minute banana and camel milk waffles.

We're not exactly sure how camel milk tastes (we'll tell you very soon), but we're willing to bet it packs quite a punch in the taste department - but the nutrition the milk packs is probably worth the humpy ride.

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