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Cancel Tonight’s Plans – There’s A Chinese Food Festival Happening In Fgura

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Just when you thought the Bacon Festival would be the epitome of Malta’s outdoor cuisine celebrations, Fgura goes and hosts a Chinese FOOD Festival. We’re not sure what the caps emphasis are for, but they seem to be an integral part of the branding.

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For one night only you’re invited to try your hand at showing off your skills with chopsticks, as you tuck into an endless sea of plates and platters. 

You may want to plan ahead though, with 600 guests confirming, and 2500 interested in attending, it looks like there might be some crowds to wade through before stuffing your face full of wontons (of which the event claims there will be thousands).

Chinese Food

Are you going tonight? Tell us who’s joining in the comments on Facebook, and send us a Snap when you’re there!

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