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New Sustainable Coffee Concept Store Opens At The Sliema Ferries

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Coffee is probably one of the world’s most popular beverages. Some even claim that it is the most widely consumed liquid in the world apart from water.

That’s why it’s exciting to hear that a new coffee concept store is now open in Sliema.

Coffee Fellows was founded in Munich in 1999 as a family business and finally this widely popular European brand is making its way to our shores. For over two decades it has embraced a love for good handcrafted coffee.

Coffee Fellows serves high-quality coffee specialities which are made fresh daily. But if coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they’ve got something for everyone.

How about a delicious bowl of muesli with a cup of tea for breakfast? Or a quick sandwich and juice if you’re feeling peckish between appointments? A hearty bagel, ciabatta, or panina for lunch? Or why not a hot chocolate with a slice of cake or a muffin on a cosy afternoon?

Whatever it is that you fancy, they’ve got you covered, and you can order from the comfort of your own phone through the fantastic Coffee Fellows app and benefit from their loyalty scheme.

Coffee Fellows is all about giving its customers that cosy, ‘feel at home’ vibe, making it the ideal spot to catch up with an old friend, get some work done, treat yourself to some ‘you’ time, or simply relax and unwind.

But what makes it different to the rest?

It operates with a more conscious and responsible mindset. From the way the coffee beans are sourced to the organic ingredients, the products are prepared with.
Their vegetarian and vegan options, as well as the packaging, are all about long-term sustainability.

In fact, the brand is working step by step towards becoming a ‘green’ coffee shop by:

  • Working closely with their suppliers to develop innovative packaging alternatives
  • Removing clear cups for the sake of the environment
  • Only using recycled napkins and wooden cutlery
  • Only giving bio-based straws to patrons upon request
  • Constantly stocking up on their vegan and vegetarian range of products
  • Being scrupulous when buying any animal products, for example, opting for organic milk
  • Focusing on the ecological effects of cultivation, livestock farming and transport routes
  • Planting hectares of seedlings of native trees in Malawi to offset their CO2 emissions
Now that is what we call forward-thinking!
They’re also offering a 20% discount on all purchases (excluding bottled items) between 23rd and 30th November 2022 as a way to welcome you to their outlet. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is deciding what to order!

Coffee Fellows Malta is located at the Sliema Ferries (Tigné Seafront), close to Malta’s largest shopping center, with their second outlet opening soon, so stay tuned to their socials!

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