Delicious Mince Pies You Have To Try In Malta This Christmas

Instant Christmas mood enhancer


Mince pies are part of everyone's Christmas tradition. Together with mulled wine, and over-zealous Christmas event-planning, these delicious baked snacks are what make the festive season what it is.

Here's a few places you can get your hands of some awesome mince pies in Malta this year.

1. Yummy shop-bought pies

If you're in a hurry and need a quick Christmas flavour fix, or if you're entertaining but baking is not your strong suit – go for these locally pre-made mince pies. Gorgeous and convenient. 

2. Made by Malta's Girl Guides

Do you want that homemade flavour without having to lift a finger? The Marsaskala Girl Guides will sort you out.

3. Posh pies

A mince pie doesn't have to be just a mince pie – make an event out of it! Palazzo Parisio are now serving mince pies with the afternoon tea menus. Grab a few friends or family members and enjoy a decadent afternoon together with some delicious treats!

4. Make your own!

If you enjoy a bit of domestic history while you cook, have a look at this mince recipe from the The Pea Queen and Tree Facebook page. Nothing warms the heart like a good family lineage story.

5. Go gluten-free

Don't let your dietary needs spoil the fun! The Grassy Hopper have catered for all – and their pies look amazing!

6. Give the gift of mince pies!

Mince pies make everyone happy – so why not give them away as a gift? Lovin Malta's exclusive hampers from Red October's range include top-notch Walkers mince pies and you know those are going to go down well with anyone on the receiving end! 

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7. Grab one on the go

The beauty of mince pies is that they're just as much at home in a fancy afternoon tea as they are in a take away bag as you rush from one destination to the next. If you're leaving Malta for Christmas this year, or just returning home, grab a cheeky pie from Talbot & Bons on your way out of the airport – then it will officially be Christmas!

We want to know where the secret homemade mince pies are at, so tag the person who makes the best mince pies!

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