9 Deliciously Exquisite Rabbit Dishes From Around The World

Rabbit is the new lamb

Rabbit Feature

During World War II, rabbits were touted as life savers for Americans in the throes of 1940s rationing. Firstly, they were cheap. Secondly, they bred like err... rabbits. 

Whilst some would prefer to put their bunny boiling days behind them, the Maltese still wholly embrace the lean meat. It's just as well, as rabbit dishes are starting to pop up in fancy restaurants all over the globe. We always knew they'd hop back. 

Here are just a few inspirational rabbit dishes from some of the world's best chefs and restaurants, though we all know the best rabbit you'll ever eat is in Malta. Even Jamie Oliver agrees! 

1. Rabbit With Preserved Pears 

We've been doing it wrong all along. In LA they serve theirs on the bone with boiled pears and ginger. I know right! 

Los Angeles


2. Rabbit Terrine

Wrapped in streaky bacon with cranberries and pistachios, no less. Only the French would create something so time consuming and fancy. 

Rabbit Terrine


3. Rabbit Pollpettine

Here's one from our Italian friends across the pond. Rabbit belly meatballs infused with rosemary in a braising liquid reduction? Ijja ta. 



4. Country Rabbit Stew

We lead, Britain follows. How about a hearty casserole with cider and celery? That should warm you up!  

Rabbit Stew


5. Rabbit Paella

Yep, you read that right. Turns out, the inclusion of rabbit along with chorizo and shrimp in a Spanish paella is pretty normal. Interesting.

Rabbit Paella


6. Rabbit Sausages 

Posh Italian food via New York City's West Village. A rabbit and pork sausage made in-house on a bed of pureed butternut squash, sprinkled with Italian herbs. Mamma Mia!

Sotto 13


7. Rabbit Kebab

Modern British cuisine all the way from the Isle Of Wight. This contemporary dish sees locally sourced rabbit skewered over a bed of courgette, with Harissa and carrot ketchup. 

Rabbit Kebab


8. Rabbit Spring Roll

More British nouvelle cuisine, this time taking inspiration from the East by incorporating a crispy deep-fried rabbit spring roll. Why didn't we think of that? 

Spring Roll


9. Rabbit Curry

It should come as no surprise that many chicken dishes can be prepared with rabbit instead! We'd like to think that this Indian inspired dish is called a 'Hare Krishna'. Geddit?

Rabbit Curry


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