An Insane Six-Course Truffle Tasting Menu Is Coming To St. Julian's, And Here's A Little Teaser Of The Glory

Truffles here, truffles there, truffles every bloody where!

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Fork yes! Fat Louie’s have upped their culinary genius by launching a special slap-up six course truffle menu fit for a king or queen. Each dish on menu will be making it rain with truffle and believe you me, you’ll want to sniff the plate before you even begin to eat.

Now for the important bit, the menu. Here's a lil sneak peek at just some of the drool-worthy dishes:

To whet your appetite, start with an amuse bouche of ‘Truffled Eggs & Soldiers’…

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A soft boiled free-range egg surrounded by sourdough soldiers, black truffle butter and truffle confetti.

Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto

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Acquerello rice with Jerusalem artichoke crisps topped with black truffle shavings? Erm, yes.

Smoked Brisket Tortellacci with Truffle Cream

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To put it simply, parcels of pasta stuffed with smoked beef brisket with white truffle cream.

Topped with slices shaved of fragrant truffle.

Prime Rib with Truffle Butter

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A succulent AF slab of beef with a sexy pink centre. This is married with black truffle pomme purée, truffle gremolata, ox tail and red wine jus. Salivating yet?!

We're going to keep the dessert a secret but you bet your ass it involves truffles!

Finish the meal off with a truffle grappa from Asti.

The Truffle Menu which is priced at €80 per head is only available on the 15th November and 22nd November, with bookings being taken right now.

If the above isn't food erotica, I don't know what is.

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