Diar Il-Bniet's Sunday Roast Is Redefining Maltese Lunch

This weekend, go for 'Mejda Maltija'


Most would say that the British have a stronghold on Sunday Roasts, but if the team at Diar il-Bniet have anything to do about it, the Mejda Maltija might soon become the new standard.

Diar il-Bniet is Malta's definitive farm-to-fork project. A family-run business in Dingli, this restaurant business has been redefining what a Maltese meal with the family looks like - and tastes like. 

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The restaurant prides itself on the quality of its food and its meals, but it has recently branched out and started offering its very own take on the Sunday Roast. 

In November, the restaurant kicked off a Sunday lunch full of Maltese delicacies made from their traditional recipes. They promised that it would be "the first of many more", and boy were they right.

What makes Diar il-Bniet's Sunday Roast so special is that they use their own fresh ingredients, harvested from their own estate, ensuring a high quality of food - and meaning it is going to taste awesome and actually be good for your body.

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Cooked in a wood-burning oven, the main meal is a roasted pork shoulder as well as roast chicken, surrounded by stuffed marrows and roast potatoes and vegetables - the perfect Maltese Sunday Roast.

Add some glorious side dishes like sundried tomatoes, ġbejniet, bigilla, minestra, and kusksu and you are set for the whole day, just like going to nanna's.

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Not only that, but you even get a half bottle of Diar il-Bniet's housewine included in the price! 

This is Maltese wine, straight from the gardens to your glass, made with the love and attention you can only get in a family business. 

The best part though? If you are still hungry when you are done, you can help yourself to seconds! Or even thirds, for the real big eaters. 

Next Sunday, when you are looking for a proper Maltese buffet that has all the love you can only get from homemade food, head to Dingli and get ready for the Mejda Maltija at Diar il-Bniet!

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