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Domino’s Malta Flooded With Orders In Opening Week

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After months of hype and build-up, Domino’s Malta finally opened its doors to the Maltese public. The newly-minted pizzeria in Birkirkara took its first steps into the country on Monday, and it was a hit within minutes.

Domino’s received their very first order shortly after opening at 11am, and were overloaded with orders for the rest of the day. By the end of the first day, the international food chain which has been opening branches all over the world for decades actually ran out of dough.

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When we went round to have a look for ourselves, the place was packed. Clearly, some dedicated pizza-lovers were curious to see what all the excitement was about. And it looked like Domino’s were expecting this response, with an incredible number of staff all working tirelessly to get everyone’s orders out.

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Although Domino’s is new to Malta, the brand has been around for way longer than you’d think. The American eatery originally opened in 1960 with a single pizzeria in Michigan… meaning Domino’s has actually been around for longer than Malta has been an independent country.

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And though a lot of people are feeling indignant about a foreign pizzeria opening in Malta when we already have so many great places to get pizza already, there’s no denying it tastes pretty darn good. And yes; that meant ordering a couple of pizzas ourselves… you know, just to be extra scientific about our conclusions.

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Today, on the third day since opening, Domino’s Malta received 80 orders in the first 10 minutes. By 11:02, they were receiving angry messages about why they weren’t picking up the phone. While everyone’s excitement is definitely understandable (heck, we were down there on the first day!), it’s also great to keep in mind that the first week is usually a process of perfecting procedures and keeping up with an abnormally large demand. Getting angry at Domino’s for not answering the phone 120 seconds after opening their doors might be an overreaction, especially if a couple of hundred people are doing the exact same thing.

On their official website, Domino’s have added a post showing the current average delivery time (at the time of writing, this was at 28 minutes), and a real-time pizza tracker to make sure you know just where in Malta your order is at any given time.

If you want to try a Domino’s pizza for yourself, all the info you need is on their Facebook page. They’ve even got a handy app for both iOS and Android, to make everything just that little bit easier.

What do you think? Is Domino’s a welcome addition, or an unwanted invader?

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