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Dream Rooms: A Luxury Suite 60 Seconds From Malta’s Most Recognisable Beach

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It’s difficult to think of a better base from which to explore Malta than the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands.

Built atop a peninsula that overlooks one of the island’s most recognizable beaches, Golden Bay, the hotel has quite easily the best sea views in the country. From this vantage point, you’re only a stone’s throw away from another two famous beaches, Għajn Tuffieħa and Ġnejna, each bay situated in parallel to the other.

You could sit and stare at the rock formations for days, just as the knights of the watchtower surely did back in the 16th Century.

Radisson Blu, Golden Sands is a five-star resort, offering various accommodation options as well as fractional ownership by Azure. This is where things get really sensational. I once booked out their suites from the heavenly collection to host a birthday party on its excessively huge terrace. In terms of view and location, it quite simply doesn’t get better than that.

But Radisson Blu, Golden Sands now offers something else: a block of former conference rooms now converted into suites, Sands Tower Suites to be precise. These are also beautifully decorated to a contemporary and luxurious finish worthy of 2018, and within the closest proximity possible to the beach.

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With high ceilings, cladded in marble and timber, these suites immediately transport you to the life you always wanted. As you enter the hall, your feet kiss a beautifully-woven woolen carpet that guides you along the eclectic pieces of art adorning the walls.

Eventually, you get to the main living room (there are two), where a bold wooden coffee table greets you with fresh fruit and a chocolate aquarium. Earthy textures immediately transmit warmth, tranquility and elegance.

Intuitive curtain shears then reveal a large patio boasting deck chairs, a dining table, armchairs and a lounging sofa, all situated at different angles to take in the 180-degree views of the beach, the rocks, the countryside and the sea, including the hotel’s private beach that’s literally a 59-second walk from the suites.

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Obviously, this proximity to the sea means you’re also overlooking the car park and a busy sandy beach, but you can quickly take refuge behind the enormous double glazed doors. Perhaps you can take a bubble bath in the standalone white bath tub, or enjoy a water fall shower, which makes full use of the tall ceilings. The bathrooms are also beautifully designed with a mix of marble and raw timber that exude earthy eloquence.

The suites also have a fully equipped kitchen, adjacent to the patio, perfect for entertaining friends. You can buy ingredients from the deli within the hotel itself. That’s just one of the many facilities to which suite residents have access. There’s also the outdoor pool, a kids play area, a gymnasium as well as indoor facilities that include a heated pool, jacuzzi and sauna with outdoor views.

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Then there’s Myoka Spa. A hot stone massage should be compulsory on your first day when staying in a place like this. It eases your mind, soothes your soul and prepares your body to enjoy every second of your journey. There are rooms for couples to enjoy a treatment together, and there’s a vast menu of treatments one can get. The people at Myoka are not only incredibly talented and well versed in their trade, but they also go the extra mile to give you advice on how to care for your body.

And what’s a body without nourishment? That’s where the four restaurants come in. There’s Flavours, which offers seaside breakfast and buffet dinner, Agliolio, for the best Mediterranean pasta and pizza overlooking the sandy bay, the Lagoon Bar and Restaurant, for when you want to eat by the pool and Essence, the gourmet restaurant.

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We got our Essence dinner delivered to the suite, where we got to enjoy a five-star dining experience from our private terrace. The food was delightful, pan-seared scallops tossed with quinoa and rather inventive crispy sushi rice rolls, prawn and saffron risotto topped with tempura asparagus, and some excellent fish and meat for mains. I recommend ordering the meat blue or rare, even if you prefer it medium, since it will keep cooking as it’s transported to your suite. And enjoy the veg, it’s not treated as an afterthought at Essence. It’s a worthy partner to your protein.

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At this point, your daily itinerary should look a bit like this: starting with a nourishing breakfast before exploring the nearby rocky coastline before it gets too hot, then getting a good massage before lunch to cool down and rest your bones, having a hearty pasta for lunch before spending the afternoon chilling by the private beach or tanning by the pool, then dining at sunset in your private patio and heading down for a romantic walk on the sand once everyone else has gone home.

And when you get back to the suite, have a nice long bath and then watch a movie (on one of the three TVs at your disposal) before getting into one of the most comfortable beds you will ever get to experience. Draw the curtain shears and wait for the gentle morning sun to wake you up the next day.

As I said, it’s difficult to think of a better place to be.

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The biggest selling points:

– Beautiful location, right on one of Malta’s most beautiful beaches

– Stunning designer finish, with high ceilings, marble and timber

– Good too for entertaining guests in the patio

Would be nice to have:

– Some greenery both inside and out on the patio

– Better WiFi (it’s a bit weak and unreliable at times)

– A hot tub on the terrace if we’re being really greedy

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