Malta's Favourite Juice House Debuts New Ice Cream Perfect For White Girls

They've also got a brand new branch in Gżira

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Now in its tenth year, Dr. Juice continues to grow into an even more popular local chain, and with more and more people on the island looking for natural and healthy ways to quench their thirst, the momentum is only set to intensify. With a couple of branches already open in the Sliema / St. Julian's area, Dr. Juice has now opened a new shop, this time in Gżira!

This will no doubt help serve the ever-increasing businesses in the area, from blocks of offices to gaming companies all over The Strand. In fact, Dr. Juice Gżira will not only be offering up the brand's signature juices, but also lunch and brunch.

So technically, you could call it a brunch branch.

Dr. Juice also kicked off the month of August by announcing an ice-cream they'll be serving for summer... made from avocado and coconut. The dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, nuts-free and soya-free ice cream sounds like a nutrient daydream, and the Facebook announcement quickly got nearly 1,000 likes in 24 hours. 

Of course, with so much excitement abounding, one person couldn't help but make the 'white girl' joke many of us were thinking about anyway.

Tag a white girl!

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