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Fenkata-In-A-Bag Is Now A Thing In Malta That Will Fulfil All Of Your Tasty Rabbit Dreams

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Forget rotisserie chicken: rabbit stew to go is now a thing in Maltese supermarkets.

The hot, ready-to-eat rabbit stew is packed and ready to be taken home to impress all your friends and loved ones. If you’ve ever wanted a traditional Maltese meal of rabbit stew but, for whatever reason, the rabbit remained out of your reach, Greens Supermarket has your back.

It is 2018 after all, and Maltese supermarkets are way ahead of you.

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The rabbit stew is enough to feed four people, and looks and tastes as typical as it gets

Far from a bad thing, that’s a great thing.

All the familiar bits of pea and potato are part of the stew, with the rabbit cooked in the traditional way, with traditional flavours and herbs.

Next time you want to up the Maltese-ness of your dinner, impress some foreign friends, or act like you know how to cook rabbit, grab yourself some takeaway stew and make your Maltese ancestors proud.

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