Find Bragjoli Worth Bragging About At These Seven Restaurants In Malta

If you've not tried this dish, are you even Malta-ing though...?

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When I first moved to Malta four months ago, I had no idea what braġjoli were (and that's coming from someone who has tried most international dishes and delicacies). Now, I can't get enough.

Braġjoli, also known as beef olives, are a traditional Maltese dish consisting of rolls of beef which are then stuffed.

Anyway, I absolutely love them, and here are seven places in Malta where you can find and fall in love with them yourself.

1. Nenu the Artisan Baker, Valletta

Wouldn't expect anything but the best from Nenu when it comes to traditional Maltese dishes!

2. Ta' Kris, Sliema

How good do these look? Yummy!

3. Il-Malti, Sliema

Rolled beef steak with smoked ham, minced pork, breadcrumbs, cheeselets, hard boiled eggs and parseley. Served in a tomato and pea sauce.

4. Sharma Ethnic Cuisine, St Julian's

Get. In. My. Mouth. Now.

5. La Maltija, St Julian's

That's how they roll!

6. Diar il-Bniet

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Slow cooked beef olive stew stuffed with mince meat, boiled egg, fresh parsley and bacon at a restaurant that's known for being authentic AF.

7. United Restaurant, Mġarr

Mġarr is the home of all things traditionally Maltese, and United's braġjoli are definitely no exception.

Rolled veal escalope filled with gammon, minced beef and pork, cheese and spinach with a marsala sauce.

Tag someone who loves Maltese cuisine!

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