Flipping Amazing: 6 Places To Get Savoury Pancakes In Malta

For when a sweet tooth just won't cut it

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Not everyone has a sweet tooth. I myself prefer a platter of cheese for dessert rather than its sweet counterpart.

Also, a crepe/pancake isn't just for dessert, it can be a full-on meal filled with savoury goodness. Enjoyed with cutlery, it's a gourmet meal, and some Maltese restaurants out there perfectly prove that.

Here are six places to check out in Malta if you want to satisfy your savoury tooth.

1. Molly's Cafe, Mosta

Molly's offers stacks of fluffy pancakes filled with a variation of savoury toppings.

You can choose from Salmon (salmon, cream cheese, capers), the Italian (pesto, mozzarella, tomato, parma ham, rucola, and balsamic glaze), Bacon Caesar (bacon, tomatoes, onions, Caesar Dressing) or the Blue Cheese (with honey, walnuts, parma ham and rucola).

2. Kepree, Bugibba

If it's filling savoury crepes you want, then savoury crepes you'll get at Krepree.

They offer more than 10 different kinds of crepes that won't give you a sugar rush. These include fillings such as pulled pork, parma ham & cheese, tuna, salmon and pepperoni.

3. TukTuk

St Julians & Valletta

TukTuk specialises in South Indian Food and it wouldn't stay true to its word if it didn't serve dosas.

For those of you who don't know, dosas are a South Indian crepe made from fermented batter of rice & lentils.

At TukTuk you can get your dosas filled with Lamb Keema, Chicken Tikka, Paneer & Egg or Masala (mashed spiced potato and onions).

4. Thirsty Cow, Bugibba

The Benchmark (ham and cheddar), the Creamy Catch (salmon, cream cheese, chives, rucola) and the Chicken Loves Bacon are just some of the savoury crepes you'll find at Thirsty Cow.

5. Chequers Creperie, Sliema

The savoury selection at Chequers Creperie is as large as it is delicious.

Wrap your lips around crepes with fillings such as Ham & Cheese, Mushroom & Cheese, Formaggi (Mozzarella, Edam & Cream Cheese) and Veggie (peppers, aubergine & cheese).

6. Cafe Cuba, Mosta

PAMA's Cafe Cuba is the only location that serves savoury pancakes.

You can choose from The Italian Job ((parma ham, rocket, grana padano), Messicana (chili con carne, jalapenos, Mexican and nacho cheese), La Favorita (smoked ham, mozzarella and oregano) and more.

And that's a wrap...

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