Floriana Is Home To A Secret Paradise For Olive-Loving Foodies

Even if you're not olive-obsessed, this Lebanese spot is a hidden gem

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There's a little hidden gem in Floriana, and it's not just the car park. Anyone looking for an incredible, affordable, and super tasty meal need look no further for sustenance beyond a certain green sign, right beyond the Fosos.

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The sign in question

For anyone who loves olives, this place is a godsend. Olive House does Lebanese food with a twist - generally an "olive"-y twist.

The guys at Olive House are getting Lebanese food and taking it to the next level. Why go for Hummus when you can have the Olive House's signature Hummus with sesame cream and avocado? Why buy frozen mozzarella sticks when you can buy freshly made feta sticks?

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All homemade, with extra love

One thing that sets Olive House apart from other Middle Eastern wrap places is their use a particular type of wrap called the markook, a flatbread that is cooked on a convex metal griddle called a saj.

Sweet Saj Bread

Markook cooking on a saj

Fill that markook with some grilled halloumi, freshly made falafel, the aforementioned hummus with avocado, throw in some olives and wonder how there could ever be war in the world.

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This is how we bring about peace between nations

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Veggie galore

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Zaatar, a very herby dish

Olive House makes use of certain traditional herbs - such as thyme, sumac sesame seeds - that are known to have antioxidant properties, to help reduce blood cholesterol and aid digestion, so you don't have to feel guilty at all when the amazing flavours hit home. 

Which is a great thought to have when you order some unique dessert dishes, such as a nutella and banana markook.

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Hands down best nutella and banana markook this side of Beirut

Next time you find yourself in the Valletta/Floriana area and want something that's a little bit different, and just a little bit olive-y, head towards the green sign and get ready for some awesome Lebanese flavours.

Is this some of the best Lebanese food in Malta? Let us know in the comments below.

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