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Healthy Food On E-Bikes Is Now A Thing In Malta Thanks To The Grassy Hopper

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By now, a lot of people know the whole story behind the delicious healthy food and drinks provided by the guys over at The Grassy Hopper; from the days of their green food stand dotting Maltese festivals, to the great success of their Ta’ Xbiex outlet, to their more recent opening of yet another outlet in Valletta. 

Almost one year ago, they also started delivering, in a move that had many Maltese office workers thank the stars for being born in a time and place where such things are possible. And when your food looks like this, that’s a pretty normal reaction. 

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Now, in a conscious effort to make its delivery service both faster and more environmentally friendly, The Grassy Hopper is going to start implementing a new electric bicycle delivery. 

Yep – we’ve made it guys, future generations will be proud! This service officially started on Monday 7th November, which means if you’re reading this, you can already take advantage of their e-bike delivery service, and guess what? You should. Right now.  


OK, hold on just for one second, and let’s give you the full deets. 

The Grassy Hopper is providing the e-bike delivery service to the urban areas up to Pembroke, Swieqi, Balzan, Birkirkara, Santa Venera, Qormi, Marsa, Tarxien, Fgura, the Three Cities and Kalkara (including Smart City). If you are unsure whether your home or office qualifies, you can always give them a call to double-check.

So, how does this all work?

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It’s actually insanely simple.

First, check out The Grassy Hopper’s online menu to decide what you’re having. Place your order by sending an email to [email protected] with the items you’d like to order (specify any add-ons to), being sure to include your address and phone number and your preferred delivery time (that is, any workday between 11:30 and 16:00). When you’re done with that, The Grassy Hopper would just need a call on 27645890 to confirm everything, and of course the earlier the better so they can plan in deliveries. 

Beyond that, they will do all the work of liaising with the delivery company, confirming the nearest delivery time with you. Payment is to be done in cash and upon delivery, and delivery fees are €3 for Valletta and Floriana (including Valletta Waterfront) and €5 for the rest of the places mentioned above. If you happen to be lucky enough to live / work within two blocks of their Valletta outlet, then you’re already one of the luckiest people in the world and you’ll continue to be even luckier by benefitting from free deliveries. 

So now that you’ve got all the info, we’re really not quite sure why you’re still here.

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