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The Pulled Meat Company Is Coming To University Of Malta

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Just under a year since they first set up shop at a stall in The Point, the Pulled Meat Company will be bringing their delicious meals to the food district around the University of Malta.

“We are moving to Uni because we believe that there is a space for super tasty food at a reasonable price”

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Rafel Sammut, who heads The Pulled Meat Company, explained the big move. “We are moving to Uni because we believe that there is a space for super tasty food at a reasonable price, especially for students.”

Fans of the current menu, fret not. Rafel went on to explain that they will be keeping all three of the classic recipes, but to ensure that students have a tasty and affordable experience they’re “coming up with 4-5 new items that will go down well with students”.

These mentioned are of course the pulled pork ftira, the braised beef ftira, and the chicken harissa-mayo and regiano melt toastie. Even typing that out makes us drool.

Rafel credits the success of his work on more than just the taste of the food, it’s also about passion for great meals. 

“[The excitement] people get prior to eating, that’s the same excitement we get while preparing them.”

Will you be eating there? Tag a friend who’s going to be way too excited about this!

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