So Apparently Malta Has One Of Europe's Best Domino's Outlets When It Comes To Product Quality

That means it's totally fine to order myself an extra large pizza tonight, right?

Dominos No1

'Nothing feels as good as good as pizza tastes' is a phrase that you'll find many people in Malta live by. And if that's not true and I've jus made it up, it doesn't make it any less valid. Because pizza tastes really, really good.

And apparently here in Malta we have some of the best pizza in Europe. Well, at least according to Domino's standards.

The local Domino's flagship outlet in Birkirkara was just awarded first place in Product Quality amongst all Domino’s stores across Europe for the year 2018.

So now if you're ever feeling guilty about ordering delivery instead of being a responsible adult, just remember you're eating some of the best pizza in Europe. Not bad.

Domino's also recently opened a second outlet in Malta, in Qawra. Just in time for the warmer summer months.

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