From Green Curries To Green Cocktails: 7 Maltese Establishments Serving Up Food And Drink Specials For St Patrick's Day

And they're so insta-worthy too!

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St Patrick's Day isn't just about partying and getting wasted, it's also about... food!

You need to see these dishes and drinks that these Maltese restaurants are serving up specially for St Paddy's. Most of them are green, perfect for the Insta.

So make your friends green with envy by grabbing any of these dishes this Sunday.

1. The Thirsty Barber, St Julian's

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Green cocktails. Choose from the Lucky Pat and Twisted Leprechaun, to name a few. And they're all buy one, get one free!

2. TukTuk, St Julian's

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How beautiful does this look? This €12.50 trio features Nilgiri chicken korma prepared with chicken simmered in a blend of herbs and spices.

The curry and rice gets its green colour and delicious aromas from using fresh mint and coriander leaves.

3. Shakes 'n Bakes, San Ġwann

For St Paddy's they've made a vanilla shake with Irish whiskey marshmallows, magical stick and Lucky Charms cereals.

4. Busy Bee, various locations

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Busy Bee will have a selection of luxury green cakes made with Guinness beer!

5. Burgers.Ink, Valletta

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This beautiful monster features green mash potato, red Leicester cheese, crispy bacon, Irish sausages, Jameson sauce, and a stroke of luck!

6. Bandit, Ħamrun

Their milkshake will bring all of you to the yard.

What's in it, we hear you ask? After Eight chocolates, vanilla ice cream, fresh cream and M&Ms. Make it boozy by adding a shot of Baileys for an Irish twist!

7. Brass & Knuckle, St Julian's

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An Irish stew is being prepared especially for St Patrick's. Proper Irish style!

Tag someone who's going to be spending St. Patrick's Day with you!

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