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Frying High! We’ve Got Some Of Malta’s Best Chips Ranked Out Of Ten And Some Of The Entries Might Surprise You

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Fries. You either love them or you really love them. Thankfully, Malta has enough restaurants, food trucks, popups, cafeterias, food halls and any-other-places-you-can-find-foods to offer up more than enough options when it comes to the fried potato side.

Today, we’re talking fries.

From all tubers great and small, the only rule we have for this is that it’s a potato. We must also note that while this a ranking it is in no way official so don’t get pissed if we missed your faves.

1. Hondoq Kiosk – The OG fries

We’re heading over to Gozo for the first entry. These bad boys are just what you’d expect from a fry – crisp, golden hues, not to oily and soft in the middle. They’re soo good they accompany anything here from burgers to steaks to breakfasts. Solid 6/10 on the original fried potato finger.

2. OIA – Poutine

Smoked Poutine Fries Skin-on fries, smoked Scamorza, gravy & smoked salt? Order 2 pints of beer & get a FREE portion…

Posted by OIA on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

We’re back in Malta for number 2, but we’re being taken to Canada metaphorically with possibly the first instance of poutine we’ve ever seen in Malta. They keep the skin on, top with a smoked Scamorza and drizzle some thick AF gravy over. A chip-lover’s dream come true. 7/10.

3. Fins & Gills – Award-winning fries

Lightly seasoned, crispy and soft and did we mention they won an award for some of the best fries in Europe? Also, that salmon steak is getting us whet. 9/10 – because nobody’s perfect but these guys are pretty close.

4. Sea Salt – Rustic

If you like your fries splashed with vinegar, then Sea Salt is where it’s happening. They boil them first to make sure they’re soft inside, douse them with vinegar post-blanche and then fry them to order. There’s method in the making with this one. 7/10.

5. Queens Chips – Saucy

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These guys have literally every sauce you could think of on offer and they serve their fr- sorry, chips, in a cone so you can get that perfect foodie ‘gram whenever you need. They’re also located right on the outskirts of the Paceville strip so they’ll also help soak up your hangover before it hits. Bonus points for the way they ‘milk’ their sauces over every serving. But they do largely owe a lot to their sauces. 6/10.

6. Hangout Bar & Kitchen – The Chucky Bartolo of fries

Sweet potatoes are orange and these fries are cheesy. Just like our own drag queen comic. Cheese also makes anything infinitely better, so, uh.. 8/10.

7. New York Best Bistro – The Avengers

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While we do miss the old NYB-style fries, their menu has grown up and with it so have their fries. Equal parts rustic, equal parts modern. Like a fine wine, these sliced spuds have matured in the best way possible and we just can’t get enough. These fries are back with a vengeance. We aren’t complaining. 9/10.

8. MoBurgers – The Twister

Posted by MoBurgers – PotatoHead on Thursday, September 8, 2016

Okay, okay – we hear you – this isn’t an actual fry, but it’s a goddamned fried potato wrapped around a fucking hotdog. If Sharknado was a fast-food it would be this. The creativity is strong with this one. The folks over at MoBurgers also have sauces you’d never expect – from anchovy dips to a chilli bang right the way down to a creamy blue or garlic so they’re perfect for dipping this sausage in. 7/10.

9. Gyros & Churros – Fully Loaded

Go all out at Gyros & Churros with their loaded fries – sweet potatoes come smothered in cheese with a generous sprinkling of paprika. Greek style with feta and spring onions turn fries into the salad we didn’t know we deserved, but it’s their BBQ pulled pork fries that have us going for gold here. 8/10.

10. Bistroteca – The Crisp

Hand-cut, sweet potato crisps? A marvellous divergence from the classic methods, if you’re a fan of Lays you’ll love these. We do, we’re just after something a bit more potato blood than pub snack. 6/10.

11. Shakinah – #WedgingIt

Our last spot on this list goes to Shakinah because wedges are still a type of fry if you broaden your horizons. Shakinah deliver pure bliss when it comes to their lemon and garlic wedges. Fluffy, skin on, garlic. What’s not to like? 8/10.

There you have it – a definitive guide to fries (wedges and crisps) in Malta. Did we miss your fave? Drop them in the comments below and we might just try them out again.

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