Get Ready For Some Pretty F*cking Good Fish Straight From Our Seas

Maltese fish lovers – prepare yourselves

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Local fish-fanatical NGO fish4tomorrow is bringing together two massive chefs for an epic fish-feast! David Darmanin of Pretty F*cking Good Toast fame, and Nicole Pisani of revolutionising-school-lunches fame, will be joining forces for an event at the super trendy Camarata as part of the From Our Sea series.


Okay, let's rewind. What is From Our Sea?

fish4tomorrow's work goes towards creating a culture of sustainable fishing and seafood consumption in Malta. Their aim is to celebrate fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable fish. 

A few years ago they launched Quickfish – a guide to help people make environmentally responsible seafood choices. From Our Sea is their latest venture – it celebrates sustainable fish with crazy-delicious meals.

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"After we launched the Quickfish guide we realised that a lot of the fish we're recommending as sustainable isn't commonly found or consumed," JDFarrugia, director at fish4tomorrow told Lovin Malta when he spoke to us about the upcoming event.

"Most people eat fish at restaurants – so we figured that was a good place to start. That's when we came up with the idea for From Our Sea. We've had six events so far. For each event we approached different restaurants or pubs and challenged them to come up with a one-off menu of local, seasonal and fish4tomorrow-recommended seafood."

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From the last From Our Sea event at Il-Pup

The From Our Sea events have provided Maltese diners the opportunity to taste fish like mackerel, bogue (vopi) and bonito (plamtu) in unconventional dishes. 

"One of the coolest things about the events is that each restaurant brought its own style into the equation whether it was fine dining from Tartarun to pub food at Il-Pup," Farrugia tells us.

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So can you get involved with the latest awesome event?

Episode 7 of the From Our Sea series will also be the launch of David Darmanin's PFGT World Tour. The event takes place on Friday the 10th of March, where Darmanin and Pisani will be serving a trattoria-style fish feast of numerous antipasti, followed by soup and mains all adhering to the fish4tomorrow guidelines. 

For more information, check out the Facebook Event and book while there are still spaces left! We've got a strong feeling there's going to be a wait-list on this one...  

Tag a friend who's crazy about fish and book your places now!

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