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Get Your Chef Hat On At These Six Cookery Classes In Malta

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In our opinion, everyone should know how to cook, especially as grown-ass adults. However, if you don’t know how, it’s never too late.

Here are some of Malta’s cookery workshops that will help make you feel confident in the kitchen. Perfect if you want to impress at your next dinner party, or simply just want learn a new skill or dish.

1. Diar il-Bniet, Dingli

Get involved in hands-on cooking classes (set in a rustic farmhouse) that specialise in making traditional Maltese dishes. You’ll be able to replicate some of the dishes the owners had as kids.

Choose from a Maltese rural cooking class or a farm-to-table cooking class.

2. The Mediterranean Culinary Academy, Valletta

Classes at the MCA are around €65 and there are a few to choose from. They focus on giving you the technical abilities to slay in the kitchen.

Examples of current workshops include a pork and mushroom cappelletti workshop and a healthy meals in minutes class.

There are also longer courses (€299) which last four days and concentrate on regions.

3. Marina Hotel, St Julian’s

Their in-house chefs will teach you how to impress your guests at your next dinner party.

Simply pick a menu that you like best, book and get your chef on! Classes are €30 per person including tasting and refreshments (plus you get three hours free parking).

4. Learn to make Sfineġ at ITS, Luqa

ITS is a culinary school that mostly teaches long part time courses and they have two impeccable restaurants run entirely by students.

However, they offer a short one day workshop (priced at €25) which teaches you how to cook Sfineġ – traditional fried bread dough filled with anchovy.

5. Cooking with Pippa Mattei

Pippa is an author and blogger who hosts cooking classes using local produce.

Her specialities include ricotta and gbejniet pie, baked ragu macaroni, stuffed local calamari, and an abundant vegetable minestra.

6. Farm sheep milking and cheese making, Żebbuġ

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OK, so technically not a cookery class buy you’ll make some cheese!

The workshop will allow you to feed and milk the sheep, followed by a tour of the processing room and of course taste the various products that they make such as fresh cheeses, aged cheeses and other Maltese traditional products.

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