Global Broadcasting Giants Eyeing Malta's Superchef Marvin Gauci

The legendary local chef has now confirmed he's signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Marvin Gauci Tv Show Lovin Malta

You may soon be able to stream one of Malta’s premier chefs whipping up over-the-top dishes as major international broadcasters want Marvin Gauci to be part of a new blockbuster series.

Companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, are currently eyeing the famous Maltese chef to host a new show that would be focused on ‘extreme dining’ in exotic locations, sources have confirmed.

While details on the show remain scarce, it is believed the series will feature the boisterous Maltese chef exploring cuisine around the world, with a strong focus on rare ingredients.

This newsroom reached out to chef Marvin to confirm whether the rumours are true, however he told Lovin Malta he was unable to comment, saying he had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement in this regard.

Marvin Gauci is known as an entrepreneur and restaurateur unafraid to expand into new areas

He has opened restaurants abroad, and is on the cusp of launching a new international franchise that will feature 3D visuals alongside cuisine from around the world.

However, this new foray into broadcasting will be an entirely new venture for the Maltese chef who is behind local favourites such as Buddhamann, Caviar & Bull and Tarragon, as well as the experiential restaurant Dinner In The Sky.

Could a part of Lovin Malta's 2018 April Fools' prank become a reality in the not-so-distant future?

Gauci’s particular style of cooking would be right at home alongside Netflix’s (or any broadcaster’s) repertoire of cooking shows, with his focus on presentation ensuring the dishes will deliver the visuals needed.

And his strong personality is sure to garner the outlandish Maltese chef some international fans - his party trick of opening bottles of champagne using a Napoleonic-era sword is just what television needs right now.

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