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Grub’s Up! This Naxxar Restaurant Has Some Seriously Scrumptious Snacks You Need To Check Out

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There comes a time every day when your hunger is no longer a rumble in your stomach and is instead a mindset you find yourself lost in. Daydreaming of hogies, sarnies, toasties, burritos, wraps, the list goes on… 

For those of you with an unrelentless appetite, The Daily Grub in Naxxar has you covered

Offering a menu wider than your mind could comprehend, there is everything for anyone available at this popular eatery. They do have a massive spread of choices, from pastas to burgers to risottos to ribs and other grilled meats.

But the starring role has to be handed to their snacks.

Whether you’re after a light bite or a stack of heavenly bread parcels, you’ll be sure to find something worth raving about.

Check out a few of their standout menu items below for a taste of what’s in store the next time you’re feeling peckish in Naxxar. 

Look at that stack of BBQ chicken… 

And it is true, there really is no problem a burrito cannot solve

The only problem following the meal is that it’s finished and we want more.

Stop the bus guys – they have waffle fries!

Whether that is cheese or mustard drizzled over them, we cannot confirm, but either or we’re still salivating over the screen.

Heck, they literally make their burgers with love

We see you, sauce hearts! Spread some ketchup love over in our direction…

What are you waiting for? The Daily Grub in Naxxar is open daily from 8:30am. Your next favourite lunch spot has arrived. Thank us later.

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