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Gzira Bubble Tea Shop Reveals New Cup Design And Guess What: They’re 100% Recyclable

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GOG Bubble Tea, located on the end of Gzira’s strand towards the Sliema ferries strip, has only been open for a few months now. When they first announced their new venture, people were quick to question their eco-sustainability. Last week, GOG answered…

GOG revealed their new cup design, featuring the adorable bunny that makes an appearance in store at times


The post went on to read: “Don’t worry we love our world, our cup is 100% recyclable!”

The statement comes in response to growing concerns of plastic use in Malta, given that Boba is typically served in a sealed-to-order plastic cup with even more plastic wrapping covering it.

Whether they did discuss this privately with Cami, we don’t know. What we do know is that the new design is absolutely awesome and the fact that such a young, local, business has stepped up to the plate with its environmental responsibility is something perhaps many other establishments in Malta could learn from.

What do you think of GOG’s new design? Let your thoughts run wild in the comments below.

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