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Hands Down The Healthiest Food In Malta

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The whole world seem to be obsessed with their beach bodies at the moment.

Talk to any good personal trainer and they’ll tell you that no matter how much you work out, progress towards the perfect body happens when you’re careful about what you put in your body. 

Stepping into the Grassy Hopper in Valletta might seem painful to most meat eaters, what with their fully vegan menu, but I was well surprised by their amazing healthy food, and how tasty it was.

Originally, I was drawn in for the juices, because it’s an amazing way to get a lot of goodness into your body in a short period of time. Once inside though I decided to take the full plunge and have lunch there. 

My rainbow salad bowl was packed full of cabbage, seeds, carrots, avocado and it did indeed remind me of a rainbow when delivered to the table. While sitting there eating the pure goodness, and washing it down with a delicious green juice, I could almost feel the toxins leaving my body and sprinting out the door. 

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They do great light breakfasts here, as well as a varied lunch menu with plenty of specials. Like most health spots it isn’t the cheapest, but you know that you’re spending wisely.

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I’d personally struggle to eat vegan or even veggie full time but some of these salads teamed up with some simple grilled fish would be the dream.

If you are getting summer beach body ready you are already a bit late but by heading down to the Grassy Hopper you’ll be giving yourself a better chance. 

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