Here's What Happened When We Tried Literally Everything At Valletta's Famous Trabuxu

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The wave of new life being breathed into Valletta's evolving landscape has certainly helped in bringing on its share of visually stunning restaurants popping up in our capital's neat narrow streets. But one establishment has been there from the start, and the name Trabuxu has become a staple with those who love a night out with good company, and better food.

1. We started out at the wine bar

Nestled snugly beneath the buildings of Triq id-Dejqa, a narrow staircase lead us down to our first stop: a cosy 400-year-old cellar caught somewhere between a jazz-quarter cafe and a local tavern, with its vaulted ceilings of stone and hanging makeshift ornaments like violins and tubas. 

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2. And had a class-act aperitif

Satisfied with our fill of Instagram shots, we set to the task of savouring a glass of champagne and enjoying a plate of oysters topped with a spritz of fresh lemon juice and a dash of tabasco sauce. 

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3. We tried everything for starters; literally

One quick run up the steps of the Trabuxu wine bar and a literal stone's throw away, the Trabuxu Bistro greeted us with a gin and tonic in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other, a quick but ultimately appetizing lead-in to what would prove to be a wonderful meal. 

We were quickly peppered with a selection of Trabuxu's best, everything from scallop and lampuki sashimi, to mussels in creamy coconut suce, to pig's head roast and chicken parfait, and even a selection of dips complete with fresh Maltese bread. 

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4. And our main courses were done just right

After a quick chat with restaurant chef and ex-Master Chef contestant Alison Azzopardi, main courses quickly followed, each dolloped in generous amounts of tantalisingly sauces. Trabuxu knows its meats: ribeye with blends of mustards, veal fillet cooked in lemon sauce, warm steaming quail... it certainly did not disappoint. 

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5. We hung out with Malta's Masterchef alumna

One of the star chefs at Trabuxu is Alison Azzopardi, whose adorable personality perfectly compliments the incredible flavours she serves up in their dishes.

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6. And chatted till the late hours of the evening over many glasses of wine

The best way to enjoy a delicious meal is in good company, and with good wine. And that's exactly what we did, while taking in the awesome atmosphere of the place.

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7. We capped it all off with cheese, port... and more port

Packing on a few extra pounds, we heaved ourselves back to the wine bar and wound down the night over platters of aromatic cheeses with honeycomb and port. 

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If this sounds like your kind of night, then make sure you head to Trabuxu next time you're in Valletta!

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