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Here’s Your Chance To Take Part In An Inspirational Discussion About Food In Malta

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You can learn a lot from sitting back and listening to some choice TED talks. The media organisation has been releasing epic discussions for over three decades, covering all sorts of topics in Technology, Entertainment, and Design (and now you know what TED stands for).

These discussions are usually held far away from our shores, but their next enlightening talk is happening right here in Malta.

TEDxUniversityofMaltaSalon – Sustainability is the newest salon that will be all about food. Some of Malta’s top local chefs will be taking part in the discussion that will also include other top chefs in attendance. 

Anyone with an interest in food sustainability or the Maltese food industry will find themselves right at home here as the discussion explores some of the more problematic issues with the modern food industry.

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With a greater demand than ever before for tastier, more elaborate, and more impressive dishes, a heavier and heavier burden is being placed on the global food industry. More animals are needed, more land is needed, and more water is needed for us to eat – but is there a cost to this hunger that we don’t know about?

Is the way we live and eat in this modern world sustainable in the long run? 

The TEDx salon will be hosted by Lovin Malta’s Johnathan Cilia and you can expect to hear from local culinary experts such as JD Farrugia, Director of Fish for Tomorrow; Stephen La Rosa, Chief Culinary Officer of the Mediterranean Culinary Academy; and Rafel Sammut, Pulled Meat Company owner.

And of course, since the event will be at The Pulled Meat Company, you can expect some tasty snacks to be served throughout the event.

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Emma Portelli Bonnici, the chief administrator of TEDxUniversityofMalta, said that she “hopes to achieve an informal discussion around food and sustainability.”

“We hear a lot about the importance of buying local, buying fish at the right times of the year, interesting ways of cooking the whole animal rather than just the more popular cuts of meat, etc. But for those of us who are not in the restaurant business or in the know, this leaves us with some questions. People like JD, Rafel and Stephen will inform the discussion and should be able to answer a few of these questions,” she said. 

With some of Malta’s most experienced foodies in attendance, and a tough topic on the agenda, you can expect this TEDxUniversityofMaltaSalon to give you something to bite into.

You can get your tickets by following this link.

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