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Hey Batter, Batter! Gozo’s Favourite Chippy Van Is Hitting Malta Just In Time For The Weekend

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Fish and chips are great together, face the facts. A warm, soft flaking hunk of your favourite fish coated in the crispiest batter and then paired with soft and golden chip-shop chips. What really is there not to like?

If you’re like me and haven’t found a good enough provider of a classic fish and chips on the island yet, look no further and get down to Ta’ Xbiex

Or Mellieħa, or St Paul’s Bay!

The Chippy Van has been gifting Gozo with the fruits of our sea for a while now and it doesn’t often venture down to Malta, so when it does it is a big deal.

And when it adds a location like Ta’Xbiex to its map, it’s an even bigger deal

We’re talking “they have mushy peas and curry sauce” size big deal.

Living on an island meant that our ancestors predominantly feasted on the fruit of the seas around us. This made fish one of our favourite dishes, and that was then further fuelled by the invasion of British expats to our shores during the reign of King George.

Because of all of this, the iconic British meal has been a favourite in Malta for as long as most of us can remember

While not always the easiest to find in restaurants, some places in the far north of the island still fry up a great piece. But fish and chips as any Englishman will know it is always best served fresh from a van on a Friday night, wrapped up in (traditionally, newspaper) that classic crinkle-thick paper to trap the grease and carried home for all the family to enjoy together with whatever crap bit of telly your parents have got going on in the background.

The unmissable mobile chippy van will be a heading to Mellieħa Bay this evening

Then it’s hitting Ta’ Xbiex’s carpark-cum-food-court (just across from the British embassy) on Friday before finally parking up just outside the Aquarium on Saturday. Dinner? Sorted. Three times over.

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