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Hungry After A Night Out In Paceville? Get Your Fix With These Perfect Drunk Foods

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The night is over, you say your goodbyes and leave the club, only something is wrong, very… very wrong. On the way out, your stomach begins to churn, it makes sounds better suited to the wilder beasts roaming the Serengeti. 

You’re low on energy, dehydrated and hungry, so hungry. We’re here to help. Here are some of the best drunk food spots around Paceville. 

1. Pastizzi

Thank the Lord and praise baby Jesus. 

They’re everything you can ever ask for, and so much more. Crunchy on the outside but so soft and tender on the inside, cheap, oily, and delicious. Stumble up to the closest Maxims after a night out; they’re always open and always there for you when nobody else it. 

Rummage through your pockets for small change, and give them to the shop assistant as an offering for greatness, you need it, you want it, you got it… Pastizzi at 5am baby.  

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2. Pizza

Savoury slices of heaven, and probably the ultimate drunk food. 

The oil makes it easy to scoff slice after slice, while the cheese takes your mind off the guilt. There’s a reason that Paceville is littered with pizza joints all over the place, and the reason is we really, really love the ‘za. 

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3. Hugo’s Burger’s The Hangover

There’s a reason why this burger joint is open at 4:00am and is packed with customers. We’re just that weak. 

With a burger suitably called ‘The Hangover’, you’ll be wiping tears of happiness from your eyes, as you have your last bite and pass out on their surprisingly comfortable seating.  


4. Burger King’s curly fries

Yeah, you can go for the burgers, but real OGs know it’s all about those sweet curly fries.

Forgive us for our love of sweet potato fries, the words easily slip off our tongues as we order, while our brains acknowledge the fight not to eat is lost to our heart.   

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5. McDonalds’ Mc Flurry

Mmm, something to help with that dehydration. After a night out, especially in summer, if there’s one thing you need it’s Ice-cream, and where better to find it?…McDonalds’s Mc Flurry. 

Use the last ounce of your brain power to firstly pray their ice-cream machine is not out of order, and secondly to add any extra toppings you can think of. 

It will be worth it; so worth it. 

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6. Millennium’s Mixed Wrap

We love Turkish food. We really love Turkish food. 

Every year, more and more kebab donors open up across the island, and they’re always packed. It is not surprising we turn to them in our hour of need. We order a mixed wrap full of lamb and chicken, and then they give us the choice of anything we want in it, the perfect drunk buffet. 

Millennium Turkish Kebab

BONUS: Anything in your fridge

You either made it home without already eating, or maybe you’re going for a cheeky doubler. We’re not judging.  

There’s something about everything in the fridge at home that just tastes amazing. Slapping anything you can imagine together or warming out leftovers. Sneaking around the kitchen has never been so much fun. 

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What is your favourite drunk food? 

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