'Inside Sources' Spill Beans On Location (And Opening Date) For Starbucks' Secretive Malta Outlet

"You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that Starbucks is coming"

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After months of speculation and wishful thinking, Maltese lovers of Starbucks (and beyond) were last year finally treated to the news that the international coffee franchise would be making its way to the island in 2019. As the third month of the year kicks off, we might now have some more information on the wheres and whens behind the giant's arrival in Malta... courtesy of rumours, of course.

Earlier today, a post which appeared on MaltaChamber.org quoted "insiders" pointing to the Valletta Waterfront as the location of the chain's first Maltese branch

"You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that Starbucks is coming," an insider close to the Valletta Waterfront reportedly said of the franchise's landing in the capital. Even MaltaChamber themselves dubbed the whole thing "possibly the worst-kept secret in Malta".

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"Those working within the business community believe the new café will open on the Valletta Waterfront," MaltaChamber.org said

Even though the insider said "in terms of a timeline, we're not able to give that information yet", the portal said doors are expected to open its doors "any time between April and June"

In August 2018, MaltaToday reported that the news of Starbucks landing in Malta was announced at a private meeting for stockbrokers who had invested in db Group. The project will be a license partnership rather than a franchise, meaning the US behemoth will have more control over local operations.

When the news initially made headlines last year, it was rumoured that Starbucks licensing could have cost up to €269,000. Over the last 40 years, db Group has had many international relationships with household names such as Hard Rock Café and RIU Hotels & Resorts.

db Group have yet to issue any sort of official comment on these latest rumours.

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