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It Took The Promise Of A Free Burger To Unleash Malta’s Hidden Creative Side

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In case you had any doubts about Malta’s love for (fast) food, you’ll be happy to know it hasn’t gone anywhere. What started out as a Facebook competition following McDonald’s reintroduction of the legendary Big Tasty on Maltese menus quickly evolved into a collection of poetic declarations of love to the classic burger.

Celebrating the return of the popular meal, McDonald’s announced they’d be giving away four Big Tasty Meals to those dedicated fans who’d come up with the most original lyrics in honour of their favourite fast food dish. “If you record yourself singing it, you will be in a better chance to win,” McDonald’s announced. 

And while we all know how popular the fast food chain is all over the world, no one could’ve predicted the explosion of creativity that followed. Here’s a small sample of what Malta came up with just over 24 hours after they were offered the promise of potential free burgers.

1. There was the classic ‘Roses are red’ rhyme with a foodie twist

“Ketchup is red

Mayo is white
Big tasty is back
It shines so bright

Tonight I’ll go buy it
I’ll buy the biggest meal
Mc D prepare yourself
Cause hungry i feel

Prepare me a big tasty
On second thought make that two
I want a large coke
And fries with that too

I’ll have a mc flurry
Mc toast and a big mac
Mc donalds here i come
Cause the big tasty is BACK”

2. Others rewrote the lyrics to popular songs… like Celine Dion’s All By Myself

“When I was young, 
I was sure I had found the one, 
A juicy patty and a bun,
And Tasty sauce,

Two slices cheese,
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions please,
And I will take that as a meal, 
Cos it’s the boss…

Big Tasty Fan,
I am the best Big Tasty Fan
This world has known 

Then it was gone,
I felt so lost and so forlorn, 
No mustard ketchup or Dijon, 
Could fill the hole 

Left by that bun,
Such good old memories, such fun,
But now it seems that I have won, 
I can be whole 

Big Tasty’s Back 
Let’s celebrate Big Tasty’s Back,
For us all,
Big Tasty’s Back
It’s back again, 
Let’s have a ball 
Eat them all”

3. Others got a little cheeky

“Hey Tasty where have you been?

You were being nasty? 

I dreamt of you and missed you,

From All the Burger in the world i want you 

I bite you over and over and ever

Promise I will choose you forever”

“Big big tasty oh where have you been, Big Big Tasty I feel you within, Oh big Big tasty, I sink my teeth into you, oh big Big tasty, you make me pastie for your tasty, You are very tasty I love you my tasty”

“Ive got a fetish for your taste
I know for sure that you will be right back 
So what are you waithing for
All you have to do is stay”

4. While others got pretty intense

“Ooo Big Tasty my family realy miss you my husband lost 20 kilos with outh you ,come back i missed my cubby (sic) husband sometimes at night i hear him call you in his dreams ,hes so stressed with outh you come back delicious big tasty”

“This is just a temporary phase

Like a year without rain
Please take this pain away 
Bring the big tasty again !!!!”

“Baby I missed you when the memories creep into my mind
Baby I missed you, tears of desperation make me blind
Baby I missed you, cause I left the good times way behind
Baby I missed you, I want to be with you”

5. And for that extra level of dedication, some people literally recorded themselves singing to the Big Tasty

Which comment is your favourite? Let us know and tag someone who’s a massive Big Tasty fan!

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