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‘It’ll Hurt, But I Will Survive’: Valletta Restaurant Manager Flies For Cancer Treatment As Malta’s Top Chefs Come Together To Help

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Bringing together some of the country’s top culinary minds is always a feat not worth missing… but when there’s an honourable cause at the heart of it all, things quickly get even better.

Some of Malta’s top chefs are all coming together for a ‘five-course, five-star’ dinner tomorrow, and they’re doing so to raise money for a friend in need.

“100% of proceeds will help pay for Kurt Spiteri’s cancer treatment, who also works in the hospitality industry”

The dinner, which is being held at Baystreet’s Planet Hollywood, will see dishes being prepped and served up by top chefs such as Joe Vella, Kirsten Manicolo, Karl Enriquez and Reuben Miceli among many others.

That means the minds behind such fine-dining restaurants like Palazzo Preca, Porticello, HSixty6, 59 Republic, Surf N Turf, Danny’s, Bahia, Noni, The Hilton and The Corinthia will all be coming together for Spiteri, himself an established name in the Maltese restaurant business.

A manager at Valletta’s Sciacca Grill, Kurt Spiteri suffers from Stage Three Hodgkins lymphoma.

On Sunday, ahead of his flight to Germany to get vital treatment, Kurt opened up with a heartbreaking status dedicated to his beloved Aaliyah.

“I can’t tell you when, but I can promise you it will get better, it will get easier and it will all be worthwhile,” Kurt said on Facebook. “I promise you that I will never give up.”

“I am sad, angry, hurt, mad and disappointed. But I’ll put on a smile and move on. It will hurt, but I will survive.”

It was actually one of Kurt’s friends – and a colleague in the hospitality industry – who kicked off the idea of helping Spiteri through the power of Malta’s top chefs.

“I need your help to be able to help a good friend of mine whose last hope is to receive treatment abroad,” Porticello’s Chef Marvin Schembri posted last Christmas week.

Within minutes, Schembri received a humbling amount of feedback from both clients and fellow colleagues in the island’s hospitality industry. Friends of Kurt even pitched in to help as waiters on the night, overwhelming the initial status with their positive vibes.

There’s only a couple of tables left for the luxurious charity dinner at €100 per head, and anyone wishing to book for tomorrow can contact Ruth on 99452754.

The five-course menu has finally been unveiled, and it sure looks like it’s going to be one luscious dinner worthy of Malta’s top culinary names.

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