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It’s Official! Malta Has A New National Cocktail

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Malta has a new national cocktail and it’s been dubbed the Maltese Falcon. The cocktail was chosen last week after a competition organised by the Malta Bartenders Guild. 

As you may have predicted, the cocktail includes Kinnie, Malta’s bitter orange soft-drink – but there’s more to it than that. Here’s the full recipe for you to try at home:

5cl Vodka

3cl Bajtra Liqueur (a local liqueur made from prickly pears)

3cl Prickly Pear Syrup

2cl Fresh Orange Juice

Top up with Kinnie

The cocktail should be served in a Libbey Hobstar old-fashioned glass and garnished with caramelised orange and fresh mint leaves.

James Aquilina was the bartender who came up with cocktail, fending off competition from 18 other entrants. 

Try the new recipe and show it off on Instagram using our hashtag #LovinMalta. 

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