Late Night Food Joints In Malta Which Might Literally Save Your Life

You will never ever go to bed hungry, promise

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Sleeping on an empty stomach is never a good idea, especially if you’re low on energy and literally dying of hunger.

Whether you’re out partying or finishing work late, you might need a quick food fix. Fast.

Here are seven late night/early morning spots which feel like heaven on earth during those bleak hours of grogginess and hunger.

1. McDonald's


This is probably the first place that would pop up in your head if you need an early morning/late night snack. This beacon of light and grease will never fail you, trust us.

2. Costa Coffee


If you need an emergency coffee fix, you should head down to Costa Coffee.

They will also totally satisfy your late night sweet tooth craving as you drunkenly try to swallow that brownie whole. We double dare you.

3. Luke’s Take Away


Luke’s is one of those places where you can find whatever you feel like eating.

The bros down at Luke’s offer you ample choices in kebabs, Asian, hot dogs, pasta, wraps, omelettes and bread. Is there anything they won't do for you?

4. Burger King


This 24-hour drive through is one of the most sought-after when it comes to late night snacking and pigging out. It opens till 6.30, so it’s good for a super early breakfast too, if you’re into heavy morning meals.

5. Estilo


Estilo is one of those restaurants that serve literally anything. We’re not even kidding. These guys offer pizza, sushi, baguettes, a larger-than-life choice of pasta, burgers and other dishes.

If anything you will be too spoilt for choice.

6. Crystal Palace


The king of pastizzi is the perfect spot to sober up after a night out.

Not only does it have amazing pastizzi and qassatat, but you will find some really good coffee and tea right here. This 24-hour Rabat spot is a miracle for party-goers and early risers alike.

7. Hugo’s Burger Bar


This place only opens till 2.00 during the week, however during the weekend it stays open until 5.00. Perfect.

Nothing beats those hunger pangs like an amazing burger and a side of stellar fries.

Did we miss any great late night spots? Leave us a comment below

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Written By

Chiara Micallef