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Leading Maltese Chef Calls On Closing Restaurants To Donate Any Extra Food To Help Feed Families

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A leading Maltese chef in charge of a charity focused on delivering free food to the most vulnerable on the island has issued a plea to restaurants caught off-guard by new COVID-19 measures.

As restaurants must close from today onwards, only being allowed to offer takeaways, Victory Kitchen’s Rafel Sammut has called on chefs who are suddenly left with a large stock of food to donate it to the charity, which will then distribute it to families in need.

“If you have any excess food that is still in good condition, please don’t throw it away. Contact me on 99906056 – we can re-use this for Victory Kitchen,” Sammut said in a post that’s receiving widespread support.

“We are currently feeding just under 2,000 people a week, and we are expecting this to rise once again,” he continued. “I will be doing round to pick up any food early next week, please tag it well with what it is and date of preparation and freeze anything extra.”

Many Maltese eateries were caught off-guard yesterday as they were informed that they must close their doors the very next day.

The short time frame led to a number of chefs taking to social media to lament having just stocked up… only to be told they now must remain closed and serve up a fraction of the amount of food they previously could.

There was a clear sense of disappointment among Malta’s chefs and foodies, with many feeling like after an entire year of battling the virus, not much had been gained.

However, with Victory Kitchen taking the initiative and opportunity to provide more good food for hungry families in Malta, there may indeed be a silver lining here.

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