Lija Restaurant Goes The Extra Mile With Customer Service

Fantastic idea


Between roadworks and preparation for the Festa, driving in Lija this week is a nightmare. Roads are blocked and a tonne of parking is sealed off. Residents and commuters are understandably frustrated. But in the midst of all this, one local restaurant is going above and beyond to ensure their customers have a great experience from start to finish.

Bahia, known for it's stunning food and sweet central location just behind the parish church of Lija; is offering anyone who books a reservation a free taxi ride to and from their restaurant.

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Yep, a personal chauffeur to get you there, and to drive you back home after a night of great food.  Besides being incredibly generous, it shows what real customer service and caring about your customers means. The offer is this week only, so make sure to take advantage soon!
You other restaurants better step your game up if you want to compete.

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