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Lovin Malta Celebrates 100,000 Likes With A Fabulous 24-Hour Hotel Extravaganza

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It’s not every day that your Facebook page smashes through the 100,000 likes mark, and Lovin Malta wanted to celebrate this achievement with something special. And that’s exactly what we did, thanks to Le Méridien.

We rocked up to the fancy, 5-Star Hotel and Spa in St. Julian’s on Thursday afternoon, where we were greeted with cocktails and the news that we’d be getting stress-relieving back massages within the hour. But before that we headed up upstairs to check out the rooms… and the views we found waiting for us were out of this world.

Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 01 27
Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 01 52

Thoroughly impressed and ready to kick the evening off with some proper relaxation, we headed down to the hotel’s spa. We were left in the very capable of hands of the masseuses at the Myoka Lotus Spa, and after a proper unwinding, it was time to get ready for dinner. And what a dinner it was.

If it’s an amazing, all-round dining experience you’re looking for, then Taro is definitely the way to go. The Mediterranean restaurant recently invested in a star-studded staff of top chefs, waiters and cocktail barmen, and the results of all that quickly became very evident.

Plus, we were among the first to try out their new menu and it was everything we could have hoped for.

The cocktails weren’t just tasty (which, for the record, they really were); their featured drink really came out with the presentation, which saw anything from a lamp to a flower pot. 

Starters saw everything from steak tartar and pulled pork with spicy chutney to crab in melon wraps and delicious risotto being presented in the most mouthwatering ways possible, and it soon became practically impossible to pick out our favourite. 

And we hadn’t even gotten to the mains yet.

Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 16 17 09
Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 16 49 36

By the main course, there was something for everyone in store, and while some of us went for the succulent veal (which tasted as divine as it looked), others were intrigued by the concept of the ‘pork surprise’.

Talk about surprises! Chicharrones (pork crackling) showed up on pink slabs of Himalayan salt, along with a super strip of pork served on beetroot. Not to mention a steam bun on a side-dish full of different pieces of meat cut from every part of the pork. #FoodPorn really is an understatement.

Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 02 02
Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 16 15 16
Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 08 05

Of course, this was a celebration, so we had our own party planned. All we needed were onesies and some good tunes, and we were sorted for the rest of the night. 

Hunger did creep in a couple of hours later, but that’s when room service came to the rescue. And even though it was late, an entire table of awesome snacks was soon delivered straight to our hotel room.

Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 02 39
Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 16 11
Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 23 44

Next morning, a tad tired but definitely satisfied, we went down for an insane breakfast buffet, and quickly got back to work in one of the hotel’s studio rooms. We could’ve sworn to ourselves that we wouldn’t eat any more food for a while… but it didn’t take long for us to order delicious homemade pizzas for lunch!

Screen Shot 2017 11 10 At 17 33 36

And  that  is what we call a wrap! 

Thanks to Le Méridien for an amazing 24 hours , and thanks to all our followers for helping us get to this awesome milestone of 100,000 likes. We definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

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