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7 Alcoholic Drinks Maltese People Always Turn To

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Maltese culture has through the years been tailored to binge drinking, beer guzzling and shot downings. We unapologetically look for any excuse we can find to go out and have a couple of rounds with friends and family.  With the amount of alcoholic events going on week in week out, It’s no surprise a lot of us have developed a favourite amongst our drinks.

Here are some of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Malta. Cheers!

1. Beer (specifically Cisk)

There are some things that transcend every culture, and having a pint of beer with your friends is one of them. Its beautiful golden aura resonating safely under a blanket of bubbles, invites you towards it. 

Probably Malta’s greatest homegrown beverage, Cisk is definitely a favourite among locals, and it’s also the first thing foreigners learn about our island.


2. Vodka Redbull

The dreaded shot tray that refuses to die.

A wide variety of energy drinks have started being used, but Redbull is definitely an OG here. 

Probably the most consumed and standard drink in Maltese clubs. The mixture of the vodka and the Redbull, while definitely not the healthiest, will do exactly what you want it; keep you inebriated whilst giving you a shot of energy. 


3. Jack-Coke

The Vodka Redbull’s more mature sibling. 

One of the most classical drinks out there, and a favourite especially amongst the guys in the club. 

There’s something about the texture of the drink that goes down (and back up) so smoothly. 

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4. Jäger

More specifically Jägerbombs. 

The moment you order them at the bar, the greatest game of dominoes begins. Watch as the bartender stacks the glasses of Redbull while balancing the shots of Jäger between then, before pushing the first one over to the applause and awe of everyone at the bar. 

Pro tip: Ask how much they cost before buying, since bars like to sell the energy drink separate to the shot. 

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5. Gin and Tonic

When you’re on a diet and trying to keep your calories low, but you’re still trying to get turnt on the night out.  

Pour that cocktail, slice that lime, wedge it in, enjoy this puppy on a beautiful summer day by the pool. 


6. Wine

The most socially acceptable alcohol to bring with you to any occasion. 

Malta has its own vineyards and a great many vintages of red and white wine readily available for your delight and consumption across the islands. 

Easily act more sophisticated by attempting to read a wine menu at any restaurant by pretending you know your wine and you’re not ordering your selection simply because it is the most reasonably priced. 

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7. Tequila

Because there’s only one drink to order if you’re really looking to go hard on a night out. 

Get that tray of Tequila, stock up on salt and lemon/ lime, and get downing. Push through the pain as you struggle to swallow its harsh taste. It will be all worth it the next day, promise. 

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Tell us your go-to drink on a night out!

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