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Malta’s Favourite Pulled Meat Company Has Opened A New Branch For Summer

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One of Valletta’s favourite work lunch haunts, The Pulled Meat Company, is now available in a new, more central branch. TPMC Gżira has opened for business right in time for summer, and they’ve even got some new specials on their board. Say hello to the absolutely delicious rabbit belly burger.

Your new obsession in Gżira is in Msida Road, just a few doors down from Gasan Mamo. The Pulled Meat Company teased their new place earlier in May with a sketch courtesy of Steves&CO and Caroline Ciantar Barbara, definitely managing to get the hype ball rolling. 

Of course, this means that for a limited time, TPMC can be found in three locations (along with the University of Malta), as the Valletta one hasn’t closed yet. This week kicked off with the announcements that they’ll be taking bookings every Tuesday to Saturday evening at both restaurants, which makes us think a very busy summer is in store for the eatery. And considering the mouth-watering photos of their new evening menu which they’ve been sharing, it seems like the TPMC menu is only going to keep getting larger… and more delicious!

The new outlet looks amazing, with plugs at every table to make sure you’re always connected if you need to. And yes; those are Gluten Free options on the board! Check out some photos from the new TPMC Gżira here.

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