Malta’s Favourite Snack: Is This The Most Exciting Tournament Ever?

There is an online war currently waging, and only one tasty hopeful will emerge victorious

Malta Favourite Snack Tournament

The hottest tournament in Malta right now isn't about football or rugby. It's about Maltese snack packets. And it's all happening on the popular Facebook forum The Salott.

Maltese people love their local snacks: from the iconic Twistees to the under-rated Party Time and the divisive Sour Cream & Onion. But which is the best of them all? That's exactly what Ella Lautier wanted to find out. And the response has been massive.

Ella designed a tournament which features 16 of the most popular snack packets, split into two sections of eight. These are then split into four groupings of two packets each. Each round pits one packet against another, with voters asked to vote by ‘liking’ a specific emoji. For example, in a round of Twistees Vs Tastees, one would vote with a smiley face for Twistees or a surprised face for Tastees.

So what have the votes determined so far?

Heading into the semi-final stage of the competition, the last spot for the semis will go to either French Fries or Sunshine Snack’s Sour Cream and Onion – with the latter currently on top with 804 votes versus 689.

The other three packets who made it into the semi-finals are Twistees, Jungle Sticks and Krips.

Unexpectedly, the tightest race in the entire competition was Jungle Sticks Vs Party Time, with the former winning out by just 100 votes, at 1,300 votes Vs 1,200 votes respectively.

Another unexpectedly tight competition came in the initial group stages where French Fries beat out Jumbos by just 300 votes, at 1,400 votes for French Fries Vs 1,100 votes for Jumbos.

Packets which won the most votes in individual rounds are Twistees when it was pitted against Tastees and Krips when it was pitted against Chimpey’s, with both packets winning a whopping 2,000 votes.

The biggest trashing was suffered by Chimpey’s in the quarter finals, getting just 680 votes Vs Krips’ staggering 2,000 votes.

Malta Snacks Salott Voting Ella Lautier

One thing's for sure; people are heavily invested in finding out who will emerge triumphant

Every single round has seen thousands of votes pouring in, with hundreds of comments seriously debating each packet's merits.

The tournament has even started making it to IRL conversations... and a couple of memes and artistic nods too, of course.

See a packet that you don’t think should have made it that far? Is there your all-time favourite which has a chance at the top spot? If so, log onto The Salott and get voting!

Rage about how your favourite snack isn't getting the love it deserves and tag someone who definitely has feelings about this

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