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Malta’s Latest Food Frankenstein Is Mac And Cheese (And Bacon)… On A Pizza

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Our island’s tiny size doesn’t leave room for portion compromises, especially when it comes to experimentation with food. And the latest creation from non-compromisers Hungry Cow definitely proves that.

The latest pizza to be unveiled by the beloved American food joint sees a cheesy feast of mac & cheese presented all over a pizza. Oh, and there’s also pancetta – an Italian bacon made of pork belly meat – thrown on there for good measure.

The tasty announcement came on Sunday afternoon, seemingly making a lot of people’s weekends.

Within hours, over 300 reactions and comments dominated the photo, with people tagging their foodie buddies. For everyone who wants to try this new monster out, the Mac & Cheese Pancetta Pizza is now available… including a delivery option, just in case you want to stay in bed and stuff yourself to sleep.

Hungry Cow are known for their notoriously and deliciously huge creations, with everything from a Nutella, banana and marshmallow calzone (yes, really), sweet pizzas, and of course the intense 500 gram Holy Cow burgers.

Oh, and in case you need your mac ‘n cheese fix in more than just pizza form, then the Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger is what you need to go for.

Would you try the mac ‘n cheese pizza? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who needs to check this out!

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