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Maltese Baker Made An Adorable Christmas Cake Every Day This Month

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Home baker Krista Zammit Marmara has been posting a Christmas-themed cake a day on Facebook since the first of December, and they’re getting loads of love from eagerly-awaiting fans.

“Last year I made my first celebration cake for Christmas, and it was very well received. So I kept making cakes for my family or special occassions. Now, after a year of that, I wanted to try something new and I was inspired by these little almond cakes that I had given as souvenirs on my wedding day,” Zammit Marmara tells us. Her cakes are all almond and Amaretto flavoured, and all painstakingly decorated with beautiful icing work.

“When I uploaded the first cake and explained my advent calendar idea many of my friends were really enthusiastic and wanted to see a picture every day! And so it continued and enthusiasm kept growing, as did the pressure to keep producing cute enough cakes!”

In the end, Zammit Marmara has produced four slightly differently-themed collections of cakes as part of her self-initiated challenge. And each one is more gorgeous than the next.

Zammit Marmara is a self-taught baker. By day she is an award-winning make-up artist who has styled some of the most high-profile fashion shoots in Malta. She also is pretty much a newly wed and has recently welcome a little extension to her family. So how does she find the time to create these amazing treats every day?

“I work on the cakes during [my baby’s] nap or at night. And I multitask as much as possible, so that I can manage my time better. This is what I do to relax so I don’t mind filling my only free time doing it. But I believe that if you really want to do something, somehow you will, if you put your mind to it. And with everyone waiting for me to post my picture, how could I not?!”

Can’t argue with that. Well done to this awesome cake-maker for giving us something to look forward to every day – keep ’em coming!

Do you know someone who’s creating something beautiful? Write to us and tell us about them on [email protected]!

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