Maltese Chef To Host Vegan Workshop In Costa Rica

"Food and health are my passions"

Vegan chef Mark Morales from Malta will be hosting a food workshop in Costa Rica between 4-11 February 2017. 

The event will be held at the utopian Philia Retreat centre – which looks pretty much like a tiny corner of paradise on earth. So if you were even contemplating planning a trip to Central America – this workshop should be the reason to give in. 

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So who is Mark Morales and what is his workshop about?

Morales is a chef who has grown up with vegetarian and vegan food and "never tasted meat". In his early years, Morales' speciality was Mediterranean food, but after travelling through Asia for 6 years his cooking style gradually changed into a healthy innovative fusion.

His travels took him though South East Asia, India and Nepal, where he also started practicing yoga regularly, which he says made him all the more conscious of his health. 

In his upbeat, quirky video Morales explains how his workshop is all about slowly converting to a healthier diet without shocking yourself into healthy eating. 

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Morales' ethos is that a healthy diet will make individuals feel "better, more energised, and balanced". He talks about ways to substitute conventional daily go-tos like coffee, with food and drink that is less taxing on the body. 

His workshop will also cover tips on how to prepare healthy dishes to take to work, instead of continually spending money on quick and often unhealthy dishes that many people buy throughout their working week. So if you do sign up you'll need to be ready for a complete, albeit slow, food revolution!

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So if you've got a week and $1,785 to spare (not including flights), register now to be a part of Mark Morales' healthy for workshop in February. 

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