Maltese Coffee Shop Giving Away Free Coffee To Anyone Who Works To Clean Up Malta

What an awesome initiative

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They say getting food and drinks for free makes them taste even sweeter, but what about when it's free, tasty and good for the environment? Well, that's a match made in heaven.

Local coffee vendor Ann's Van mobile coffee truck has stepped up the environmental responsibility and launched a new system where anyone who picks up a full bucket's worth of rubbish from the roadside gets their coffee on the house. 

The coffee van sells coffees by KefaKafe, a café based in Naxxar which brews warm drinks with ingredients straight from the original home of coffee, the Kefa Region in Ethiopia. They are also big on the cultural side of coffee, focusing on the history, flavour and value of each cup they brew.

So if you're craving coffee and are a little short on cash (or just want to do your bit for the environment and can't say no to a good coffee) then head over to Ann's Van in Mosta, ask for a pair of gloves and a bucket and get picking.

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Image: Anthony Falzon / The Salott (RUBS)

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