This Rabat Restaurant Has Just Taken Love Of Local Produce To The Next Level

Turning local love up to 100 (and marking the percentage)

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Everyone knows shopping local is always better, and one restaurant in Rabat has taken this mantra for local love to the nth degree.

Townhouse No. 3 are no strangers to turning it out when it comes to everything local: their previous ventures have included dinners made entire from local products, and even designing their homebase in Rabat entirely from locally-sourced products.

The restaurant has now come up with a cool new idea to drop some useful informative nuggets about their delicious meals. Townhouse No. 3's redesigned menu now features a column which shows you how local your dish is by percentage total!

Their menu changes seasonally, but the focus always remains the same. Products made by local farmers and artisans are always their main priority, resorting to outsourced products only when they're not available locally.

Not only does this make their dishes more authentic thanks to a reliance on the freshest produce, it also gives back to local producers and small business owners!

Here are some amazing dishes you can get your hands on.

1. Twice-baked cheese soufflé with tomato and raisin chutney

2. Pulpetti tat-tonn with lemon aioli

3. Pan-roasted sea bass

4. Local prawn chowder

5. Sfineġ served with edible flowers

6. Pepper and garlic crusted beef

7. Pork collar stuffed with Maltese sausage

8. Chocolate soufflé served with chocolate and hazelnut ice cream

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