Maltese Woman 'Left Speechless' With Her Gluten-Free Order

It really was gluten-free, but it's also missing one more small thing...

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A Maltese woman took to Facebook this week to share her shock at a burger she had just ordered. Promised a gluten-free bun, the woman instead got a burger... sans bread.

"I appreciate when shops take precautions when it comes to gluten-free food, but this a bit too far!" the woman said. Along with a photo of the "burger", she also shared a message she had sent to the establishment asking them about gluten-free buns, which they had answered by telling her they did.

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The woman said she had specifically chosen to call the eatery instead of ordering online, so as to make sure there weren't any misunderstandings. When her order arrived and she called back, the restaurant reportedly gave her three different excuses.

"First, the chef was not aware they had gluten-free buns. Then, they said this is what they normally do when people ask for gluten-free burgers, and lastly they said their gluten-free buns were finished!"

"Well done, you have managed to leave me speechless." the post concluded.

To be fair, the burger really is gluten-free... but maybe, a bun-free burger is not the way to go.

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