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Marsaskala And Beyond: One Of Malta’s Most Hyped Fried Chicken Eateries Opens Second Outlet And Gets Ready For Way More

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The first thing you need to know about Maltese people is, we love fried chicken. And with great passion and a population full of constantly hungry people, comes a long list of options. It takes a lot to stick out, but one of the island’s latest fried chicken eateries definitely looks more than up for the challenge.

There’s a lot of things going for Għaxaq’s Crispy Flavoured ChickenFor starters, it’s one of the first Maltese fried chicken franchises, established by a family with years of experience in all things crispy and flavoured. It’s also a place that has managed to build an undeniable cult following ever since opening up shop back in March 2018.

Now, a year down the line, CFC has opened a second branch in Marsaskala… but this is clearly just the beginning 

The newer, much larger outlet saw CFC kick August 2019 off with what they’ve dubbed a Cafe version of their franchise. For its clients, this means more seating, more time spent chilling surrounded by all those smells… and a whole lot of chicken, of course.

Food is one of those beautifully subjective matters, but CFC’s online reviews alone are enough to get you excited

Based on over 100 reviews, the eatery boasts an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5, and it’s very clear that the small Għaxaq eatery is sitting on a goldmine.

Multiple online reviewers sing CFC’s praise, calling it the best chicken takeaway spot in the country, and it’s difficult to argue with them when you actually get to see, smell and taste it all for yourself.

CFC will make your fried chicken dreams come true

Fried chicken is love, fried chicken is life ??

Posted by Lovin Malta on Friday, May 24, 2019


Speaking to the people behind the food, though, it clearly became obvious that this is just the very beginning of something that can become very big

For the close-knit team behind the hyped eatery, this second outlet is all fodder for the future, and a great learning opportunity ahead of potentially even bigger things.

“I’d love to start a franchise that we can start selling rights for to other people,” Randall Grech, one of the sibling-brains behind the delicious chicken, told Lovin Malta. “And yes, that would mean possibly extending it beyond Malta’s shores.”

With people begging for the CFC craze to head to the north of the island, we’re looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for the home of crispy, very flavoured chicken. And if it means we get to see Malta’s fried chicken creations abroad in the future, then bring it on!

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